Advanced Machining and Design

Owner Profile

Chris Berndt, Owner
Advanced Machining and Design

Prior to operating my own business, I worked for a major window producing company.  Holding position as a Tool and Die Maker, then moving into leadership roles as Tooling Manager and eventually to the position of Manufacturing Engineering Manager.  Through this development I have been able to combine skills, with strategic planning and design.  All valuable assets that will set my designs and reputation apart from other shops.

Located in the Wahpeton area, I am able to provide small town personalization to big town customer jobs.

Core Values

Advance Machining and Design’s mission is to build and maintain a work place of high ethics and morals by using principles through our relationships with our employees, customers, vendors and their families.



Responsibility for our actions and accountability to others. 


Continuously aiming towards improvement in all aspects of our oranziation, providing the best possible service and value to our customer, perfecting quality and minimize waste.



Requiring high ethical and moral standards in action and in personal and professional conduct…

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